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-Eliminate the Stress of Overspending

-Avoid Settling for Less Because of Your Budget

-Get Your Planning Done in a Snap


Planning a wedding can be stressful. Vows, invitations, table arrangements, flowers, food, music, pictures... the list builds and builds. Add planning a honeymoon, and an

engaged couple can be sent into planning overload, not to mention the budget stress!

But the perfect honeymoon can set your marriage on to the best foot possible, so it’s very

important to get this right.

While you begin the process of planning your honeymoon, keep these four things in mind to

get more out of your honeymoon and spend less!

The earlier you plan the better. Most couples get swept away by the wedding planning

frenzy and put the honeymoon at the bottom of their priority list. To get more and spend

less, begin the honeymoon planning as soon as you set your date and book your reception.

Why? This will ensure you get not only the specific resort you want, but also the correct

room category. The most highly desired room categories get booked up well in advance.

Airfares have a good chance of being lower too.

1.  Choose Your Destination Wisely

The Destination Can Make or Break the Bank. If budget is a major priority, consider

places like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or Mexico, where airfares tend to be lower and accommodation rates

can be great values.

If you are dreaming of romantic, far away places like Fiji, Tahiti, Maldives, and Europe adjust your budget

accordingly as airfares and accommodations tend to be far more expensive than one

expects. A travel expert can advise you on off-season times for these destinations if you are

flexible on your honeymoon’s timing.




2.  Consider Options for Value

Consider an all-inclusive or cruise. All-inclusive resorts and cruises offer great value. It also takes the stress off of mentally adding up your bill while on vacation. Vacation budgets can get out of hand quickly when you start running into unexpected parking charges, taxes, large drink bills, and shuttling... just like with those wedding budgets, the list goes on.

The benefit of an all-inclusive is knowing that your trip is paid for. With small exceptions,

you have paid the expense of your honeymoon upfront. That will make it easier not to let

your budget get away from you!

3.  Planning Made Easy for You

Work with a romantic travel expert. This is hands down the BEST way to get more and spend less on your honeymoon. A good expert will steer you in the right direction, help you select the resort that is perfect for you, save you tons of time researching places on the internet, take care of all the details, get you upgrades and special treatment you could not get on your own.

Here is how one happy bride explains her experience:

“I was planning a wedding, and crunched for time. I gave the travel pro a call. We talked for 30 minutes about how much we wanted to spend, what type of honeymoon we were looking for, the range of dates we were shooting for, and couple other important details.

She took what I gave her and came back with 3 great options that all fit the bill! And all

before we committed to her or paid her anything. We booked our dream honeymoon through her. Our dream

honeymoon planned in an hour of my time!

It was beautiful and relaxing. We were treated to the romantic extras, since our travel agent made it clear we were on our honeymoon. We met up with a couple that was on the same vacation we were, they had arrived and were leaving the same day as us, by booking through a travel agent we had spent hundreds less than our new friends! We are so happy we spent the time getting to know a travel expert.”

4.  Schedule An Appointment with our Planners

No matter where you are in the process, it is not too early to schedule a phone consultation with our planners.  This is a perfect no pressure way to get the information you need to make things less stressful and hectic for you.  800-603-5116

Lets Get Acquainted! 

Call direct now 800 603 5116

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